Meet Zorina

Meet Zorina

“The wheels on the bus go round and round…”


The sound of this beloved children’s song brings a smile to the faces of many children. For father Roberto, this song means so much more.

Zorina, who was born with Down’s syndrome, will simply make the familiar hand gesture of the rotating bus wheels to indicate to Dad that she wants to watch her favorite show on the TV. Lately, this favorite home activity has been interrupted by frequent hospital visits.

This past June, mom Amy took her 2 1/2 year old to the doctor after noticing a curious rash covering Zorina’s body. The diagnosis turned out to be leukemia for which Zorina underwent immediate chemotherapy. This first stay in the hospital lasted 33 days; she is currently in the midst of her third prolonged stay at New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.

The youngest of three children, Zorina brings joy into her family’s life with her loving personality. Zorina, whose immune system becomes weaker during therapy, shares her care for her family by reminding them to wash their hands in the hospital. How special that such a young person can look out for her family first. With your support, we can help Zorina’s family look out for their most special treasure.

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