Meet Yesenia

Meet Yesenia

Yesenia lived a life like many an 11-year-old girl. An aspiring dancer and Hannah Montana fan, Yesnia, the oldest of three girls, lived life happily and gratefully. Then, this past January, Yesenia’s life changed forever. A senseless act of violence during a domestic dispute saw Yesenia suffer a gunshot wound to the face. This wound caused her to suffer a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down. Today, Yesnia is confined to a wheelchair and has only limited function in her hands and arms. Knowing that she will never walk again, yet hoping that her arm strength will return, Yesenia hopes to be part of a wheelchair dance team to continue her love of movement and music.

Currently, the family is living in a domestic violence homeless shelter and hoping to find a permanent place to live. Once this takes place, however, many home modifications will need to be done to accommodate Yesenia’s many needs. Yesenia’s mother Shandar, has not been able to work due to her daughter needing around-the-clock care. With your support, we can help Yesenia’s family pay for some of the many expenses that will be part of their life forever.

Your donation can help us share a bit of happiness, hope, and comfort in the lives of Yesenia and families like hers.

Make a donation to Five Fathers Children’s Charity.

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