Meet Harry

Meet Harry

Sometimes moms know things – especially when it comes to their children. This was certainly the case for Gloria when it came to her son Harry. When Harry was around eight months old – an age when many kids are anxious to start moving around – he seriously disliked tummy time. Instead, it caused him pain. Gloria and her husband Josh watched as Harry did not hit many growth and movement milestones. Doctor visits were inconclusive, and the parents were told that all children move at their own rates of speed.

However, the parents were not convinced. It took some time, but this past year Harry was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy – more specifically Emery-Dreifuss. This degenerative disease, while not as quickly progressing as some forms of MD, has no treatment options. Today, at 3 years old, Harry (known as the Mayor by his nurses and teachers due to his outgoing personality) is anxious to run around with his friends, but remains timid due to severe fall risks. Any fall could lead to serious injury.

With Harry’s mobility hampered, the family has looked to other options to help with his independence. This will hopefully come in the form of a service dog trained especially to fit Harry’s needs. The family has started the application process, but the costs will be over $23,000 – an expense not covered by insurance. Josh, a computer engineer, and Gloria, a nurse, are hoping that this dog (which will not arrive for another two years) will help “the mayor” be as independent as he can be.

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