Meet Gabby

Meet Gabby

Being a princess is something many little girls aspire to. However, with Gabby, it is a Cinderella story much different than your typical tale.

At only 10 weeks old, Gabby was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a disease that claims the lives of 90% of affected children before the age of 1. Gabby’s mom, Suzanne, was able to acquire from hospitals and doctors numerous machines that would allow Gabby the ability to breathe. She had also lost the ability to swallow and needed a feeding tube to receive nutrition. She had over 10 long-term hospital visits during her first year alone.

Today, Gabby is 8. While this has certainly exceeded doctors’ expectations, she is confined to a wheelchair as she cannot move or support her head. She is unable to speak, utilizing eye typing software to communicate. She requires a life support ventilator at all times as well as other machines that measure her oxygen levels, trachea, and heart rate. This constant care requires 24-hour nursing, although a nurse is not always available to give Gabby the care she needs.

Suzanne needed to quit her job as a teacher in order to care for Gabby when nurses were unavailable. While mom is needed for care, the lack of income has become very trying on the family (which includes older daughter Madison, aged 9). A single mom, Suzanne is left to keep the family afloat emotionally and financially.

Recently, the family was able to acquire a van to allow Gabby to take outings – something she truly enjoys. Despite her physical handicaps, Gabby’s mind is 100% intact. She enjoys reading, horses, and having her hair and nails done – anything to be a princess. In fact, “Princess” is the moniker that her schoolmates gave her. Yes, Gabby attends school two times a day via Skype. Her classmates love her. She returns that affection serving as her class’s “birthday club” president.

With a great support system, this favorite daughter of Monroe, NY has the care and love she needs. However, even Cinderella needed a hand from her fairy godmother. Gabby’s needs far exceed that of a pretty dress and a ride to the ball. Help us give Gabby and her family the fairy tale ending they deserve.

Your donation can help us share a bit of happiness, hope, and comfort in the lives of Gabby and families like hers. Please consider a donation to Five Fathers Children’s Charity.

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