Meet Ronnie

Meet Ronnie

When you’re three and a half years old, life seems to go by pretty fast. For Ronnie it goes by even faster as cerebral palsy has taken his ability to walk, hear, and see clearly. Yet despite these difficulties, mom Debbie and siblings Robert and Destiny look to Ronnie as a source of inspiration.

Debbie went into premature labor after a bout with domestic abuse. Ronnie’s twin died within a day of birth, and Ronnie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a brain stem injury. Looking to get her son the best care, Debbie moved her children to Philadelphia, PA to take advantage of the care provided at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Unfortunately, the new living environment was not as welcoming as the staff at CHOP. The family’s van, which featured wheelchair access for Ronnie, was stolen. Weeks later, police found the vehicle with bullet holes, missing parts, and repair beyond the family’s financial means.

Today, Debbie is forced to use cabs and car service in order to bring Ronnie to his treatments four days a week. Along with his wheelchair, Ronnie is accompanied by a body brace and oxygen tank – not the easiest things to bring aboard a taxi.

With your support, Debbie may be able to purchase a vehicle that will mean freedom and mobility for her entire family. Help us help her offer such an important gift to those she loves best.

Your donation can help us share a bit of happiness, hope, and comfort in the lives of Ronnie and families like his.

Make a donation to Five Fathers Children’s Charity.

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