Meet Micah

Meet Micah

For most young people, senior year of high school is a year to make great memories. A time to relish the moment and prepare for the future. For 16-year-old Micah, however, senior year will begin with uncertainty.

Earlier this year, Micah was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Treatments began immediately and will continue well into the fall. Due to this necessary treatment, Micah was unable to complete his junior year and is likely to miss at least a month of his senior year. Dreams of college may also need to go on hold, and it’s not just because of the treatment.

Natives of Maui, Hawaii, Micah and his family have had to had to deal with many financial hardships. The only place Micah can receive care is in Honolulu at the Kapiolani Children’s Hospital — 30 minutes away by plane. Although doctors recommend returning home after each round of treatment, round trip flights can be up to $350 per person. Rental cars, flights, and medical bills have added up for the parents that are unable to work in order to care for Micah full-time. Insurance has declined to cover all of the treatments.

Micah wants to be home playing basketball and video games with friends, getting ready for the prom that he missed during his junior year, and making plans for college. We want him there too.

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