Meet Colin

Meet Colin

Like many boys his age, Colin loves nature. Fishing in Long Island became a favorite pastime. However, watching Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel became this eight-year-old’s closest connection with nature for a time as being outdoors was not an option and long hospital stays became the norm.

Christmas Eve, 2011. A time of excitement and hope for most people was a day that parents Jenn and Kevin would not forget. On this day, Colin (the oldest of three boys) was diagnosed with leukemia. Jenn quit her job as an advertising recruiter to help care for him, and Kevin (a retired fire fighter) spent many days taking his son to the hospital for treatment. The chemotherapy began, but Colin did not respond as doctors hoped he would. A bone marrow transplant was needed, and, unfortunately, neither brother (Brody, 5, and Ryan, 1 ) was a match.

A transplant did take place in July 2012, and after months in the hospital recovering Colin was able to return home. During this time, Colin was not permitted to leave home or have visitors as the risk of infection was too high. The transplant seemed to be successful and Colin eventually returned to school and finished 2nd grade, and had an enjoyable summer with his family. In the fall of 2013, however, Colin relapsed and began treatment at NYU.

The Queens, NY family continues to care for their beloved son in the hopes that his outdoor adventures won’t be relegated to the TV screen.

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