Meet Briana

Meet Briana

Cheerleaders are automatically recognized for their bubbly personalities, perpetual good spirits, and ability to bring smiles to others. All of these qualities fit 15-year-old Brianna to a T. As father Nunziato describes her, “She is such an outgoing kid. She always puts other people before herself.”

2011 was a year, however, that changed this cheerleader forever. Brianna’s body was covered with bruises that weren’t caused by the occasional cheerleading mishap. It turned out that Brianna had leukemia, for which she had to travel to multiple hospitals throughout New York to receive treatment. While treatment started well, Brianna also dealt with pancreatitis, putting her in intensive care for a week while her pancreas was removed. Diabetes also became an issue, challenging doctors to find the right balance for many different types of necessary medications. Nunziato wakes up at 2:30 every morning just to make sure his daughter’s sugar levels have not reached dangerous levels.

While dealing with the needs of a sick child would be challenging for any parent, for Nunziato it is even more difficult. Earlier this year, this dedicated father was injured on the job leaving him unable to work. Plus, he is a single father with four other children aged 10-17 to care for. A strong and proud family to be sure, but anyone in this situation could use a hand. Today, doctors are iffy about allowing Brianna to pick up the pom poms again, but with your help we can be part of her own personal cheering section.

Your donation can help us share a bit of happiness, hope, and comfort in the lives of Brianna and families like hers. Please consider a donation to Five Fathers Children’s Charity.

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